About Us

Activities for parents and babies through music, imagination, movement and play!

Classes are a great way to get the baby out of the house, have fun and make new friends with other new parents!


Let’s have fun together!




  • Graduated from Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education (Dance Major).

  • Learnt and practiced my dance technique post-graduation with classes held in NY, Andalucia, London, Cuba, amongst others.

  • I taught and specialized in rhythmic gymnastics, dance, with flexibility exercises upon my 1 year round-the-globe travel.

  • Japanese company posted me to Singapore start up an international branch and dance studio. From my sales and marketing activities, I’d managed to attract more than 100 students within one year. 

  • I left the company following the pregnancy of my first child to concentrate on being a full-time mom

  • With the birth of my second child, I decided to arrange some classes for moms like myself who would like to spend quality time and learn some movement and musical play with their own children, in a safe and supportive environment and most importantly, FUN setting!




Certified Physical Education’s teacher – Conducted classes for both Junior high school & High school

Certified Yoga instructor

Certified Kids yoga instructor

Certified Baby massage therapist

Certified Thai massage license